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Poster 2004

Session 1: Cerebral Anatomy, Theory of Mind and Cognition

I/1 R. Tepest, F. Härtling, S. Ruhrmann, P. Falkai, K. Vogeley
Frontal hypergyria in prodromal states and early onset schizophrenia

I/2 P. Danos, T. Urban, B. Baumann, H.G. Bernstein, R. Stauch, D. Krell, B. Bogerts
The centre médian-parafascicular complex of the thalamus in schizophrenia - a morphometric postmortem study

I/3 N. David, B. Bewernick, A. Newen, N. J. Shah, G. R. Fink, K. Vogeley
Neural correlates of visuo-spatial perspective-taking and agency in a virtual ball-tossing game

I/4 B. Bewernick, S. Ruhrmann, M. Wagner, W. Maier, N. J. Shah, G. R. Fink, K. Vogeley
Neural correlates of perspective taking in patients with a high risk of psychosis (Abstract)

I/5 T. Wolf, K-P. Kühl, P. Schlattmann, A. Penzhorn, J. Rentzsch, MC. Jockers-Scherübl
Cannabis induces cognitive changes in schizophrenic patients and in controls (Abstract)

I/6 K. Koelkebeck, P. Ohrmann, G. Hetzel, V. Arolt, T. Suslow
Visual backward masking: Deficits in locating targets are specific to schizophrenia and not related to intellectual decline

I/7 S. Lis, S. Krieger, J. Wilhelm, B. Gallhofer
Feedback about previous action improves executive functioning in schizophrenia: an analysis of maze solving behavior

I/8 C. G. Huber,M. Rose, S. Brassen, W. Weber-Fahr, C. Büchel, D. F. Braus
Modulation of working memory and visual information load in schizophrenic patients and healthy controls: Preliminary results of an fMRI-study

I/9 B. W. Müller, S. Heinze, G. Sartory, A. de Greiff, M. Forsting, M. Jüptner
Performance and strategy in verbal memory encoding. A fMRI study (Abstract)

I/10 S. Heinze, B.W. Müller, G. Sartory, A. Hesse, A. de Greiff, M. Forsting, M. Jüptner
Verbal memory encoding in patients with schizophrenia: an event-related fMRI-study (Abstract)

Session 2: Attention and Emotion

II/1 A. H. Neuhaus, C. Urbanek, C. Opgen-Rhein, M. Dettling
The Attention Network Test as a potential endophenotype for schizophrenia (Abstract)

II/2 J. Rentzsch, A. Penzhorn, T. Wolf, M. Jockers-Scherübl
Preattentive and Attentive Information Processing in Schizophrenia with Cannabis Abuse: An ERP Study (Abstract)

II/3 H. Gruppe, B. Gallhofer
Influence of activational and attentional state factors on prepulse inhibition

II/4 I. Filsinger, M.Zimmermann, P. Kirsch, S. Eucker, B. Walter, R. Stark, D. Vaitl, R.Müller-Isberner
Latent inhibition in schizophrenic patients and healthy controls: an event-related fMRI study

II/5 M. Weygandt, U. Ott, R. Stark, D. Vaitl
Neurofeedback of the activity of the anterior cingulate cortex: absorption, schizotypy and attention networks (Abstract)

II/6 S. Ronshausen, P. Kirsch, C. Lotz, S. Bräuchle, S. Eucker, D.Vaitl
Towards a better understanding of emotions in schizophrenia I: Cues from psychophysiological, behavioral and self report measures

II/7 P. Kirsch, S. Ronshausen, D. Mier, S. Bräuchle, S. Eucker, D. Vaitl
Towards a better understanding of emotions in schizophrenia II: Cues from functional magnetic resonance imaging

II/8 K. Koch, U. Habel, T. Kircher, T. Kellermann, M. Klein, K. Amunts, N.J. Shah, K. Zille, F. Schneider
Schizophrenia patients show aberrant anterior cingulate activation during working memory performance under negative mood induction

II/9 J.D. Albrecht, B. Bogerts, H. Bielau, U. Mertens, K. Schiltz, S. Diekmann, Scheich, A. Brechmann
Categorization of Frequency Modulated Tones in Schizophrenia (Abstract)

II/10 P. Schmidt, P. Netter, M. Reuter, J. Hennig, R. Müller-Isberner
Psychobiological responses to induction of aggression in schizophrenic delinquents

II/11 A.Thum, R. Rocamora, M. Giesler, M. Huber, W. Cassel, J-C. Krieg, U. Hemmeter
Increase of Slow Wave Sleep and Regulation of Sleep-Wake Rhythm under Ziprasidone in Patients with Schizophrenia

Session 3: Treatment and Environment

III/1 M. Franz, B. Hanewald, M. Niepel, S. Hubrach, B. Gallhofer
Pilot-project "ITC-Giessen": Evaluation of a highly-individual, patient-focused treatment

III/2 H. Berger
Patient and familial education by means of an interventional program - a new procedure for the prevention of relapse in schizophrenia (Abstract)

III/3 M. Franz, J. Ranger, C. Lujic, S. Hubrach, B. Gallhofer
Psychiatrists´ attitudes towards antipsychotic treatment strategies of Schizophrenia. Results from a representative German survey

III/4 M. Franz, J. Ranger, C. Lujic, S. Hubrach, B. Gallhofer
Influences on treatment selection for schizophrenia. The role of characteristics of the patient

III/5 M. Grözinger and J. Röschke
Acute Treatment of Schizophrenic and Manic Patients with Parenteral Olanzapine

III/6 T.J. Raedler, D. Naber, K. Wiedemann
Gender-specific effects in the treatment of acute schizophrenia with risperidone

III/7 T Linka (1), G Sartory (2), BW Müller (1)
Reponse prediction to citalopram and reboxetine treatment by intensity dependent auditory evoked ERP components (Abstract)

III/8 M. Franz, C. Lujic, N. Yürük, J. Ranger, S. Hubrach, E. Koch, B. Wüsten, B. Gallhofer
Health disorders in mentally ill Turkish immigrants, culture- specific manifestations and courses of illness: Study design and data collection

III/9 S. Bahri, A. Neuhaus, M.C. Jockers-Scherübl
Bizarre Patterns of Self-injury in Schizophrenia - A case report (Abstract)

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