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Poster 2006

Session 1: Genetics and Neuroanatomy

I/1 K. Domschke, M. Braun, T.Suslow, J. Bauer, C. Hohoff, A.Kersting, A. Engelien, V. Arolt, W. Heindel, H. Kugel, J. Deckert, P. Ohrmann
Influence of catechol-O-methyltransferase val158met genotype on amygdala and prefrontal cortex emotional processing in panic disorder

I/2 A. Georgi, R. Abou Jamra, K. Klein, A. Wolf Villela, J. Schumacher, T. Becker, C. Schmael, S. Höfels, N. Klopp, T. Illig, P. Propping, S. Cichon, M. M. Nöthen, T. G. Schulze, M. Rietschel
A likely association between genetic variants at the GRIN1 gene and schizophrenic patients with a lifetime history of major depressive episodes in a German sample

I/3 J. Strohmaier, A. Georgi, C. Buerger, C. Schmael, C. Hoefels, R. Abou Jamra, J. Schumacher, P. Propping, S. Cichon, M. M. Noethen, T. G. Schulze, M. Rietschel
Evidence that neuroticism is an underlying phenotypic dimension in the association between G72, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric disorders

I/4 P. Heiser, F. Enning, J.-C. Krieg, H. Vedder
Effects of haloperidol, clozapine and olanzapine on the survival of human neuronal and immune cells in vitroy (abstract)

I/5 W. Briegel, M. Schneider
22q11.2 deletion and increased risk of schizophrenia in children and adolescents

I/6 R. Tepest, A. Hoffmann, T. Kamer, K. Vogeley, T. Schneider-Axmann, P. Falkai
Morphometry of the corpus callosum and regional white matter volumes in families with schizophrenia

I/7 C. Konrad, T. Ukas, V. Wortmann, A. Fuchs, S. Schöning, H. Kugel, V. Arolt, K. L. Narr
Development and evaluation of a manual segmentation protocol of the hippocampus for 3D surface mapping in schizophrenia using high resolution structural MRI (Abstract)

I/8 R. Viviani, P. Beschoner
Magnetization transfer imaging abnormalities in schizophrenia: A replication based on methodological scepticism (Abstract)

I/9 P. Danos, S. Kolbe, H. Dobrowolny, B. Baumann, G. Northoff, H.G. Bernstein, R. Stauch, B. Bogerts
Volumetrical analyses of the mediodorsal thalamus in affective disorders: a postmortem study

Session 2: Cognition

II/1 S. Kaiser, A. Roth, D. Roesch-Ely, S. Bender, M. Weisbrod
Increased event-related potential latency and amplitude variability in schizophrenia detected through wavelet-based single-trial analysis

II/2 B. W. Müller, M. Lenz, K. Langbein, A. de Greiff, M. Forsting, K.-P. Hoffmann, G. Sartory
Mismatch-negativity and the effect of stimulus predictability. An fMRI-study

II/3 G. Sartory, D. Bic, C. Korn, D. Seitz, B. Müller
Training of mnemonic strategies in schizophrenia

II/4 D. Roesch-Ely, E. Hornberger, S. Weiland, P. Parzer, M. Weisbrod
Are there gender differences in working memory and executive control in schizophrenic patients? (Abstract)

II/5 M. Weygandt, A. Schienle, A. Schaefer, R. Stark, D. Vaitl
fMRI activation pattern based automated classification of psychopathological status using Support Vector Machines (SVM)

II/6 W. M. Trapp, A. Hasmann, B. Gallhofer, L. O. Schaerer, J. Schwerdtner, W. Guenther, M. Dobmeier
Cognitive improvement of schizophrenic patients: Enhancing cognition while positively enjoying computer-aided cognitive training

II/7 S. Lis, J. Apostolopoulos, B. Gallhofer, P. Kirsch
Sensory and motor encoding strategies in N-back tasks: implications for working memory deficits in schizophrenia

II/8 C. Esslinger, T. Wanschura, R. Gaafar, K. Ofosu, B. Gallhofer, P. Kirsch
Influence of working memory load on brain activation patterns in schizophrenia. Preliminary results of a multivariate fMRI study

Session 3: Motivation and Emotion

III/1 S. Knolle-Veentjer, V. Huth, R. Ferst, J. B Aldenhoff, D. Hinze-Selch
Executive performance and eating behavior in schizophrenia

III/2 V. Huth, S. Knolle-Veentjer, D. Hinze-Selch, J. B. Aldenhoff, R. Ferst
Delay of gratification and executive functioning in patients with schizophrenia

III/3 J. Wichmann, A. Thum, M. Giesler, T. Penzel, C. J. Krieg, U. Hemmeter
Actigraphy in patients with depression and schizophrenia concerning activity levels, sleep estimation and circadian rhythm. {Abstract}

III/4 J. Nielsen, K. Stage, A. Lindhardt, B. Mogensen, P. Munk-Jørgensen
Do we agree on whether the patient is psychotic or not?. (Abstract)

III/5 K. Koelkebeck, P. Ohrmann, G. Hetzel, V. Arolt, T. Suslow
pecificity of scan paths on the Span of Apprehension task in schizophrenia

III/6 K. Koelkebeck, A. Pedersen, K. A. Kueppers, P. Ohrmann
“Moving Shapes“: Investigation of Theory of Mind (ToM) abilities in a sample of schizophrenia patients compared to normal controls

III/7 M.Jakob, D. Mier, P. Kirsch
Emotion recognition and executive functioning in schizophrenia

III/8 D. Mier, S. Lis, K. Zygrodnik, C. Sauer, J. Ulferts, B. Gallhofer, P. Kirsch
Neuronal correlates of emotion recognition in schizophrenia

III/9 D. Mier, S. Ronshausen, P. Kirsch
Activation of the brain reward system reflects the relationship between motivation and pleasure in schizophrenia

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